A Platform Whose Time has Come

Here’s what our team thinks of the Powerlinx platform. We’ll walk you through a couple of thoughts and ideas discussed throughout our short but fulfilling history. We are just getting started! 

Pioneered by Ebay and followed by Amazon, online dating sites, MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn, over the last decade, we have seen a dramatic shift into digital as a way of conducting business. Each platform enables people to open themselves a bit more to the world of infinite opportunities made possible by the Internet. Powerlinx is the next step in this digital progression.

So Many Options, So Little Time

There is a near infinite number of possible introductions between two people in this world. However, only a tiny fraction of these meetings has the potential to actually result in new value being created in some meaningful way. The challenge of discovering and recognizing these opportunities is one we all face. 

Sharing Ourselves with the World

There wasn’t much in terms of complex online social interaction, at least not the way we think of it today and the high-value parts of a person’s life were still kept offline (e.g. purchasing, banking, dating, job searching and business opportunity searching, etc.).. Slowly, this began to change. EBay got the ball rolling, encouraging people to bring one relatively low-risk part of their lives onto the Internet —auctioning off of old and used items. The concept was low-risk and provided an obvious upside: it provided a framework to simplify the match discovering process within one specific area of a person’s life.

Connecting With Other Business Professionals

Fast forward a couple of years of further innovation, and today’s professionals now understand the real benefit of even having your resume and working profile online. Not only to look for a job, but by putting yourself out there, you never know who might find you!

Next up: Businesses

For business leaders, LinkedIn’s stated mission of helping individuals advance their professional lives only solves a part of their needs. Business owners seek a platform that will help them open up a world of opportunities. Just as an individual has unique interests, assets, and limited time resources, so does a company. Business leaders will usually know their strategic objectives at any point in time (whether it is geographic expansion, new product development or anything else), but they are also always open to hearing about other opportunities. The key, once again, is how to find these opportunities in a manageable, practical way.

All of this progression has led up to why Powerlinx is the inevitable next step for business owner. Now that we’ve seen just how much benefit could result from doing so in all of these other avenues, no major leap would be required to envision all the possibilities, if only we could show the world what business opportunities we would be interested in, and explore what others have to offer.