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Business Communication On the Go

I am happy to say that I have reached a milestone in my life over the past few days. I’m confident that looking back 20 years, I’ll remember it clearly.

Sunday I completed a four week span of world travel. Ten days in Panama meeting with some Powerlinx pilot companies, a few back in NYC, ten in Israel, with our technology team and more Powerlinx members. For the first time ever, I can honestly say that I was able to work seamlessly wherever I found myself, transit included (each plane had an electric outlet in the seat, keeping power and productivity up). READ MORE

Opt-in or Opt-Out – This Framework is all Wrong!

I’ve just caught up on back reading so I’m a bit late to the most recent spate of discussions spurred by Judith Warner’s August 7th New York Times Magazine article titled The Opt-out Generation Wants Back In”.  The subject was back in the news this week as New York mayoral candidates sparred over family leave proposals.   READ MORE

A Platform Whose Time has Come

Over the last decade, we have seen a dramatic shift into digital as a way of conducting business. Now it’s time for businesses to take the final leap. In response to the changing demands of business owners and executives, Powerlinx was created to provide a quicker and more efficient way for business people to discover and filter potential opportunities. READ MORE