The New Consultant: How Automation Is Leading Businesses to New Growth

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Business leaders are increasingly seeking the expertise of advisors to help them grow their business, but cost and other factors remain a large barrier to entry. 94 percent of small business leaders believe their need for an outside advisor will increase or stay the same in the next two years according to a recent study conducted by LIMRA.

At the same time, finding an advisor that fits a business’s unique automation needs and budget – and that is guaranteed to help a business succeed – can be difficult, if not impossible. In an era of digital advancement, business leaders are turning to more cost effective and value-driven methods for identifying new paths to business growth.

Business Advisors Fall Outside SMB Budgets

The high costs associated with contracting a business automation advisor or strategy consultant push small business leaders to spend less on consulting services or prevent them from buying them at all. Small business employers surveyed by LIMRA listed cost as the top reason for ending their advisors’ contracts. In addition, 59 percent of consulting clients said they would contract “a lot more” consulting work if consulting companies would halve their fees, Source Information Services found. But as Source Information Services founder Fiona Czerniawska notes, businesses shouldn’t expect consultants to start slashing fees any time soon: the associated cuts would have to be done on too large a scale to stimulate growth, a risk consultancies are not likely to take.

Too Many Advisors to Choose from

Being able to afford an advisor is only half the struggle. Even when hiring a consultant fits inside a business’s financial plan, finding an advisor tailored to a business’s unique positioning is quite difficult. Searching for “small business advisor” on Google, for example, generated almost 90 million results. Searching the member list of an advisors association is not any more helpful: it will still produce hundreds of results that are not filtered by region, size or specialty.

With a list of potential advisors this long, how can business leaders filter out the ones who specialize in their market and businesses of their size? In the past, this wasn’t an easy task, but today Powerlinx is making it easier than ever to access business growth consulting.

With Powerlinx, business leaders don’t have to waste time searching for the right consultancy. Instead, through Powerlinx’s automated consultant process business leaders can efficiently determine the right paths to growth and connect with the opportunities most relevant to their firms.

Lowering the Barriers to Business Growth through Automation

Businesses need an affordable and value-driven way to find new growth opportunities in the sink or swim milieu of the globalizing economy. With Powerlinx, businesses leaders do not have to waste time searching for the right opportunities or finding the right consultant. Instead, businesses save time and money by subscribing to Powerlinx’s automated business growth and matching service.

To take advantage of the strategizing and business growth opportunities Powerlinx brings, businesses sign onto the Powerlinx site and, with the help of Powerlinx’s team of analysts, establish an actionable goal. Then the Powerlinx business matching software analyzes a database of 20 million businesses worldwide to determine which firms are the best fit according to size, geography and more.

With its intelligent and adaptive business matching software, Powerlinx is poised to disrupt the way businesses seek advice and new growth paths. Powerlinx is the most affordable method used by firms around the world to connect with new suppliers, distributors and the like. What’s more, Powerlinx membership is guaranteed to bring new growth opportunities.

Learn what Powerlinx can do for your business today.

Featured image by Sebastiaan ter Burg