Sword & Plough: Old military gear takes a fashionable turn.

Powerlinx Sword and PloughThe next company featured in our series of Businesses We Love is a showcase of true entrepreneurial talent and depth of mission. Sword & Plough is a company started by Betsy and Emily Nuñez, two young women from a military background, one of whom is currently serving in Afghanistan. No pun intended, the success of this business has been explosive.


The idea for Sword & Plough came to Emily Nuñez while at Middlebury College. After hearing a talk about ventures with higher missions at the new Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Nuñez remembered the amounts of material she had seen discarded regularly growing up with a father as a colonel.  Using this discarded military material, the company manufactures and sells high-end handbags, and 10% of the profits go towards veteran initiatives.  The manufacturing facilities are also carefully sourced to ensure that they employ veterans. The overall result is one any apparel or accessory company would covet: making your customer look good and feel good about their purchase.


Sword & Plough is a quadruple bottom line company: they aim to benefit the environment, veteran initiatives, American jobs, as well as keeping their eyes on the business’ bottom line. The social impact as well as the environmental impact the company makes is impressive, with the repurpose of 750,000 pounds of material that would have been otherwise burned or buried. The name of the company comes from the ancient saying of “to turn swords into ploughshares” and perfectly reflects the mission at the heart of the entire venture. To repurpose military materials for peaceful civilian applications.


The business has quickly become a growing entity as the sisters went from pitching at a social entrepreneurship competition at the University of Middlebury to winning at Dell’s (DELL) inaugural Summer Social Innovation Lab, and then going on to win Harvard’s Pitch for Change competition.


Powerlinx Sword and PloughAs Sword & Plough has grown, the Nuñez sisters have continued to gain notoriety. They have been featured in esteemed business publications such as Inc.comBloomberg, and Esquire, applauded for their entrepreneurial tenacity as well as the mission behind the label of rugged and refined bags. The company was selected to be one of the Kairos 50 and pitched on the floor of the NYSE at their Global Summit. Betsy was also interviewed on Fox Business as CEO, Emily is currently on her tour of Afghanistan.


Powerlinx is happy to feature Sword & Plough in this week’s “Businesses We Love,” and we applaud Betsy and Emily’s efforts to contribute to a higher purpose, promoting veterans while serving their country overseas.  To learn more about Sword and Plough, visit them at www.swordandplough.com


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