Collaborating to Improve the Customer Experience

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When Barry Kayton joined Powerlinx, he connected with another Powerlinx member, Dave Carter of Integrity Solutions, around opportunities for making his customers’ experience even better. Integrity Solutions provides interaction-based consultancy services that emphasize organizational accountability, attitude, motives and values as key factors in improving both internal and external relationships.

Cognician is primarily software-based while Integrity Solutions relies heavily on human interactions; it seemed that a strategic partnership between the two had the potential to lead to growth for both companies.

Once presented with the idea to be introduced by a Powerlinx analyst, both companies agreed that their potential synergies held interesting possibilities, and they arranged to meet. Their first talk proved positive, and they look forward to expanding on the opportunity for collaborating in the future. Barry said:

“We had a very successful first meeting where we all had the same response: there’s clearly an opportunity for our businesses to collaborate. Follow-up meetings with more of the Integrity Solutions team let us explore the opportunity further and we’re looking forward to the next steps on this journey.”

Thinking Outside the Box

Powerlinx does more than help businesses further their pre-specified objectives. As the story of Cognician and Integrity Solutions shows, the Powerlinx matching engine learns from members as they use the platform in order to connect them with opportunities they have not yet considered. Barry said:

“Powerlinx did an impressive job at identifying an ideal business match for Cognician. Powerlinx saw the potential opportunity, connected our companies and delivered a business development service that few others have been able to match.”