Partnerships Matter: How Cloudera and Cask Plan to Make Big Data Analytics Easier

clouder and cask big data partnership

Welcome to Partnerships Matter, our column on businesses changing lives and growing their operations through strategic partnerships and collaboration. In this edition, we highlight the advances being made in big data analytics through the collaboration of leading Hadoop advocates Cloudera and Cask.

What if businesses had the power the improve their customer experience, increase their bottom line and more, instantly, by analyzing real-time company data? With its latest strategic partnership, leading enterprise analytic data management company Cloudera aims to do this and more by through the power of Apache Hadoop, an open-source framework for distributed storage and processing.

On Wednesday Cloudera announced an ongoing collaboration with and equity investment in open-source, big data software company Cask. Through their partnership, Cloudera and Cask aim to:

  • Help businesses derive value from their data analytics by bringing the power of data science to end user software
  • Make it easier for businesses to create data analytics applications using Hadoop

How a Passion for Data and Hadoop Led to a Natural Partnership Fit

cloudera and cask big data partnership screenshotThe partnership arises from a natural fit between the two Hadoop proponents: Cloudera is a leading Hadoop educator, having trained over 27,000 individuals on the Hadoop ecosystem worldwide, while Cask enables developers to more quickly and easily create applications for Hadoop. Integrating Cloudera with the Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP), businesses will be able to do more with their data analytics than ever before, all in one place.

Mike Olson, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Cloudera, highlights the strong relationship between the Cloudera and Cask teams and the possibilities for innovation their partnership will bring:

mike olson cloudera“We’ve been close to the Cask team for years, of course, and those personal relationships matter. They are buttressed, now, by a strategic investment by Cloudera in Cask, which we believe will allow our partner to invest in innovation more aggressively than they’d be able to do otherwise. In a market where speed and commercial capacity separate winners from the pack, money makes a difference. We are fortunate to be able to support our partner in work so strategically important to Cloudera.”

In addition to collaborating around technology and business functions, Cloudera will join Cask’s strategic advisory board.

You can learn more about the functionalities behind Cloudera and Cask’s partnership here.