e-Book: Regulatory Compliance in Your Supply Chain and What You Should Know

Regulatory compliance may not always be top of mind for every business owner, but increasing government regulations occurring of late can affect almost every single supply chain, regardless of industry, country or company type. As international supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, so are the regulations that govern them, especially at the global level.

To remain compliant and ensure sustainability, it’s important to have full visibility throughout the entire supply chain. Regulatory compliance not only promotes social responsibility, it also dramatically reduces business risk. Violations can easily result in fines and other crippling financial penalties, which could damage your business at a crucial time in its expansion.

The impact of recent changes in regulatory compliance

In our latest e-book, Regulatory Compliance in Your Supply Chain: What You Should Know, we’ve identified the most important and far-reaching laws you should know as you review your current partnerships and explore new ones.

Regulations such as the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), the Dodd-Frank Act and the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act in the US all have implications on keeping your supply chain efficient.

In addition, we reveal resources that that can provide additional tips to help you through compliance at the regional, state and municipal level, as well as best practice case studies on the right strategic partner can maximize supply chain performance.

Download the e-Book

This primer will keep you up-to-date on the most encompassing regulations affecting business leaders and their supply chain. By staying knowledgable on these regulations and in compliance, you could prevent unnecessary headaches over the long term.