New Guide: How to Apply Enterprise Risk Management Techniques to Your Partnerships

enterprise risk management for partnerships

Constantly updating technology; an expanding array of new business models; highly complex, fluctuating regulatory demands: these are just a few factors creating a landscape of uncertainty for businesses today. The growing complexity of the global economy requires ongoing innovation, which demands a certain amount of risk taking. However the concept of risk presents itself in a number of other ways companies often fail to account for. Risk exists as a day-to-day element of business and is critical for any enterprise looking to expand operations or find a strategic partner.

This resource provides a comprehensive overview of the concept of managing risk within your business and business partnerships. Additionally, we will cover several key strategies you can employ to ensure your business is accounting for inherent and potential risks using the practices of enterprise risk management, or ERM. Feel free to download the guide in its entirety or view the document inline below:

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