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How do you define strategic partnerships, and in what ways is your business utilizing them to achieve new growth? Tell us what strategic partnerships mean to your business for a chance to win a free business consultation with a Powerlinx analyst.

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Targeted Goals for Business Success

When it comes to driving business growth, it’s not just goals, but rather targeted goals, that lead to the most favorable outcomes. Take it from Powerlinx member Greg Van Ullen, for example, who worked with a Powerlinx analyst to break down his goal of reaching more customers into an action plan for increasing distribution through developing a new supplier relationship – and thereby reaching new customers.

Like Greg, business leaders around the world are forming targeted goals to utilize strategic partnerships as a springboard for growth. Whether their partnerships take the form of a strategic alliance, a merchant-vendor relationship, a joint venture or more, all partnerships serve as a method through which business leaders are collaborating to drive new success.

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Now we are offering your business the opportunity to shape your own targeted goal for sourcing new strategic partnerships and drive new growth. Take our survey on strategic partnerships for a chance to win a free 30-minute business consultation with one of our dedicated analysts.

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