How Far Could Your Business Go with the Right Strategic Partnership?

how b2b partnerships improve supply chains

Continuous innovation is a major challenge faced by business executives today. As customer needs grow more diverse in the face of a globalizing economy, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to innovate and meet all of their customers’ needs on their own. Thankfully business leaders are finding a strategic partnership to be a meaningful way to meet customer demands.

Strategic Partnerships and Innovation: A Study of Starbucks

Starbucks is one example of the drastic effect partnerships can have on business growth. Starbucks started in 1984 as a coffee bar concept in downtown Seattle. The concept proved so successful that, over the next eight years, the Starbucks Corporation spread its coffee bars to over 150 locations. It wasn’t until 1993, though, that Starbucks truly began to solidify its reputation as the luxury coffee brand of choice by partnering with Barnes and Nobles bookstores as its in-house coffee shop.

Over the following years Starbucks products and brand spread into grocery stores, airlines, hotels and more through alliances with PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, Dreyer’s Ice Cream, United Airlines, Starwood Hotels and more. Through these partnerships Starbucks has created a presence in 64 countries around the world. Today Starbucks is one of the most well-known and sought after coffee companies in the world.

Its 23,000+ store locations are no accident or a product of gimmicky advertising; rather, strategic partnerships were (and still are) central to Starbucks’ explosive growth. To expand its business from a local Seattle coffee bar to common household name, Starbucks relied on partnerships. Today strategic alliances are widely credited as a main driver of Starbucks’ long-term success and growth.

Find Your Next Strategic Partnership

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