Key Business Snapshot: Israel

While spending a higher proportion on private research and development relative to its GDP than any other country in the world, Israel’s open and flexible economy can be an attractive destiny for businesses across all industries.

Post pandemic efforts to generate a more resilient economic rebound are still showing positive feedback as a sharp rebound of 5.5% growth for 2021 is forecasted.

With a multicultural population, food and beverage exporters stand to gain a lot when tapping this market, since they’ll find a thriving and diversified economy, willing to place products on their shelves.

Israel’s high status in new technologies and overall innovation is known worldwide, so leveraging from it, israeli software firms as well as companies across the technological spectrum have the opportunity to develop business both domestically as well as internationally.

With the US representing almost 27% of overall traded volumes, and Europe as a whole as well as Brazil taking up a significant share also, opportunities abound both for firms wanting to do business in Israel, and Israeli firms looking to tap into these markets.

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