A message from the CEO of Powerlinx

Last week’s National Small Business Week marked a very exciting time here at Powerlinx. We launched The Partnership Resources Hub for Small Business to celebrate the achievements of entrepreneurs everywhere. This education library is rich with knowledge to help small businesses better plan strategic partnerships.

EY recently concluded that partnerships are on the rise, largely due to a slowing economy and recent innovation concerns. We’ve known this for a while. Fortune 500 companies have long used strategic partnerships to generate new income, but costly advisory services often prevent smaller companies from doing the same.

The number of companies that can now be found on Powerlinx has crossed 52 million — and it continues to grow. Why is this so important? Never before was there a tool for a business leader to quickly identify the best partners for a business opportunity against such a vast number of companies. That’s what we here at Powerlinx call the PowerScore™. And there lies what we can offer to every business throughout the world.

Let’s set aside all the Powerlinx jargon for just a moment, such as proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence. Terms like natural language processing, graph analysis and machine learning capabilities, or millions upon millions of data points, all with a common goal in calculating the most precise PowerScore™ between you and every other company on our platform.

While all this sums up our recent feats in innovation, what Powerlinx can do for business leaders is clear and unabated: We broke open a traditionally expensive service, exclusive only to industry giants, and provide strategic growth insight to every single company, business owner and entrepreneur on Main Street.

The founders of Powerlinx pool together a century’s worth of leadership from one of the world’s most influential B2B companies — and have turned Big Data innovation into meaningful outcomes. It’s with that same spirit that we strive to give small business leaders an unparalleled service where they can collaborate and soar together towards mutual growth goals.

If you’re not on Powerlinx already, I invite you to activate your Company Profile on the partnership platform of record and discover a world of new business possibilities.

Doron Cohen
Chief Executive Officer, Powerlinx