Partnering with South African Accelerator SABLE

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Finding the right opportunity to facilitate your company’s targeted business growth can be a daunting task for any company, large or small – even for those with unlimited human and financial resources. At Powerlinx we strive to deliver the right opportunities, allowing business leaders to focus on what’s most imperative to them – running their companies – not chasing a myriad of unsubstantiated leads.

Partnering with SABLE

sable accelerator logoThis is why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the South African business accelerator SABLE. SABLE (South African Business Links to Experts) provides mentorship for South African companies, entrepreneurs, and institutions looking to create innovation in South Africa. During our pilot period with SABLE, we will help more than two dozen companies achieve their business objectives, with an end goal of bringing products to market more quickly, attracting foreign investment, and developing world markets. Initially we’ll be working with SABLE members Malva Pudding, Delta Steam, Business Optics, Ecoloblue, Cognician, Cape Ray, Disruptivevision, Questr, Virtualmobiletech, GoMetro, SoftCopy, and XMPro, among others.

Powerlinx will connect SABLE companies to opportunities in capital acquisition and financing, geographic expansion, customer acquisition, supplier and distributor sourcing, product diversification and exit planning according to their needs. Our intelligent matching engine will then connect them with powerful opportunities for business growth without them even lifting even a finger to search for that needle in the haystack.

We welcome SABLE to the Powerlinx platform and look forward to spurring your business growth.

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