Plain and Simple: It’s all about Opportunities

Powerlinx is constantly striving to be the world’s most advanced business matching platform and an invaluable resource to business development teams. 75% of CEOs say strategic partnerships are essential to their growth, but more than half report trouble finding and connecting with partners. The fact is, companies are missing out on new strategic partners because they lack the resources and networks of larger firms and we don’t believe that’s right. There are many ways to use the Powerlinx platform to maximize your value and growth – here are a few places to start:

Expand into new markets

The thinking behind expanding to new markets is a simple one.  New markets means more customers which means more business. Actually achieving that expansion is far easier than said and done. Expanding to new markets will require reevaluating or creating entirely new supply chains. Businesses will need distributors to ship products quickly and reliably, and businesses will have to build a new network of local vendors and retailers to best sell the product to these new consumers. It’s a staggering process to undertake, one made far easier when you can instantly see such opportunities on Powerlinx. Rather than spending valuable time and resources on consultants and physically traveling, Powerlinx is giving business development teams the ability to build supply chains from the comfort of their office.

Find and be found by new clients

The Powerlinx platform boasts thousands of opportunities from all over the world.  Joining the Powerlinx community is a highly effective way for a business find new clients in specific need of that business’ skills. Exploring the Opportunities section on Powerlinx reveals the depth of how strategic partners help assure stability and growth. On Powerlinx, a firm looking for a new manufacturer could very easily find a warehousing partner in that local area.

Powerlinx users should treat their profile pages like a digital showroom. Your profile is another tool in establishing a digital presence and increase your SEO score.

Outsourcing & focusing on core competencies

For many small businesses, their small size is a crucial advantage.  Small teams are able to move quickly and responsive to changing market trends. But what do you do when your business needs are beyond your size? Powerlinx is the ideal resource for outsourcing manufacturing and distribution to strategic partners. With Powerlinx, companies are able to focus on their core competencies while finding trusted partners to handle other responsibilities. When BH Sensors came to Powerlinx, they were a small technology firm looking to meet production demands without sacrificing the benefits of their small team. By outsourcing manufacturing, they were able to reduce costs and maintain flexibility in their supply chain. Using the Powerlinx platform, BH Sensors was able to find and connect with several engineering service providers. The partnerships they formed on Powerlinx empowered them to scale up production and embark on new projects.

There’s no manual for succeeding at business. Every industry and market is different. Every venture will have a distinct path towards success.  That’s why the Powerlinx platform is a versatile tool with many different ways of helping businesses grow and thrive.