Powerlinx-Altares D&B partnership announced, wins 2016 Big Data Paris top award


Laurence Augoyard, CEO at Altares-D&B, accepts the Big Data Paris 1st Place Innovation Award alongside David Emery, co-founder and director at Powerlinx

Key partnership brings big data business-matching capabilities to France

Powerlinx & Altares Dun & Bradstreet, a leading business information & data management provider in Europe, announced a key strategic partnership that will give companies in France access to global business opportunities through an intelligent matching platform, backed by our proprietary PowerScore (TM) and other big data capabilities.

The news was announced at the 2016 Big Data Paris Conference, one of the largest European industry events in big data. The Powerlinx / Altares-D&B alliance was also the recipient of highest honors in innovation and is a recognition of the value such a partnership will have international commerce in France.

Powerlinx CEO Doron Cohen says the platform provides businesses all over the world with an opportunity that was once only available to the largest of companies.

“The traditional model of finding and connecting with strategic partners has been cumbersome, time consuming and expensive,” said Mr. Cohen. “In short, strategic partners have only been available to big business.”

“But as with most business challenges, technology is changing the way we do things. Big data and powerful algorithms are creating radical efficiencies and disrupting the age-old process of business introductions and the formation of strategic alliances. Finding and connecting with strategic partners has finally entered the Internet age.”

All partnership recommendations generated in Powerlinx feed into the Partner Graph (TM): an engine that maps interlocking relationships and opportunities, building deeper insight into the potential for success of each opportunity through artificial intelligence. The Partner Graph is a digital mapping of the entire range of collaborative opportunities for more than 35 million companies on the database.

The Altares-D&B partnership brings forth a key enhancement to our platform, providing additional language support in French.