Powerlinx in the Press: A Year in Review

powerlinx in the press

It’s that time of year when we take a moment to reflect upon the 12 months past and review our goals for the upcoming year.

It’s been a long but rewarding year here at Powerlinx as we’ve seen our platform launch for global use. With over 12,000 members registered in the past 11 months, we’ve seen and experienced firsthand the extent to which partnerships and strategic alliances contribute to overall business growth – and we’re seeing the validity of our process through our customer success stories and testimonials. Along the way, we’ve gained invaluable insights into what drives partnerships across businesses of different sizes and industries, and we’re excited to continue applying this refined knowledge to our business matchmaking in the upcoming year!

No productive year would be complete without a few notable press mentions. Find a few snippets of Powerlinx coverage below.


Powerlinx is like “eHarmony” or JDate for Companies


Yoni Cohen, Powerlinx’s head of product, pegged response rates at close to 16 percent. It’s actually natural that it would be that high, he explained: Powerlinx not only accounts for its customers’ needs, but also their positioning, or how they could benefit potential partners. “You’re only going to invest time in qualified introductions,” he said.
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1to1 Media

Businesses Struggle to Develop Rewarding, Strategic Partnerships


Executives recognize the importance of tactical alliances, yet few have the formal processes in place to pursue, manage, and maintain such relationships for mutual, long-term gain.

SMB Nation

Business Partnership Essential Yet Often Fail

smb nation

Though 85 percent of the 330 management survey respondents believe it is important or essential to their business to have partnerships and alliances, almost half reported failure rates of at least 60 percent and only 10 percent felt they were extremely good at partner introductions.

The top three drivers for partnerships and alliances are: ideas, insights and innovations the business would not otherwise have; complexity and pace of business; and the ability to grow a diversified customer base.


SABLE Accelerator Joins Powerlinx to help SA startups expand globally


Since it launched in 2012, Sable (aka South African Business Link to Experts) has been described as the gateway for South African startups into Silicon Valley and aims to assist SA-based entrepreneurs looking for venture capital and new markets abroad. By accessing and partnering with global customers, capital sources and partners, the Sable network uses big data analytics to match relevant and compatible growth opportunities of more than 15 million qualified prospects.

The New York-based B2B network, Powerlinx, will further help provide South African companies, research centres and institutions to quickly identify and engage with strategic growth opportunities domestically and globally.

CMO Council – Grow From the Right Intro

A Report on Partnership Strategies and Success in 2014

cmo council

85% of senior executives feel strategic partnerships are important to their business growth, but 45% struggle to keep their partnerships active.

This special report – Grow from the Right Intro – examines the importance of strategic partnerships and alliances in business growth, explores the challenges and opportunities of identifying and creating them and discusses how to maximize the chances of success, which includes making use of big data analytics and automation.

GeckoBoard Case Study

How Powerlinx Delivers data-driven B2B Matchmaking


… From the first second the idea of Powerlinx was conceived, it was clear that we were never going to be based in the same location. That’s why we very early on needed a good way to track our progress and make sure that we were all able to say, ‘I know what we’re doing, I know where we’re going and I’m aware of all the things that have to be done next.’

Street Fight

6 Networking Platforms for Local Merchants


More than 23 million small businesses dot the American landscape, and yet for many of these local merchants, business ownership is a lonely endeavor, with few places to turn for community support and “been there, done that” advice.

In an effort to provide small business owners with a place to form bonds and the types of relationships that lead to cross-promotions and improved local sales, hyperlocal vendors are developing new platforms where independent entrepreneurs can connect online. What Nextdoor has done for neighbors, and Classmates.com has done for alumni groups, these networks are looking to do for the SMB community.
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