Powerlinx: Where Business Meets Business (BmB)

When we think of B2B business interactions, they usually consist of a one-way street type of relationship. At the very best-case scenario, it involves a business making a commercial transaction with another.

But the need for more business collaboration, amid rising pressures to deliver high quality services/products on a timely manner paved the road to a more comprehensive way of doing business, namely the fastest, most efficient of them all.

Introducing the first global BmB platform

As supply chains become increasingly complex, intertwined, and overlapping, businesses crave for specialized pipelines, goods and services to tackle demands which have become sophisticated and require a hands-on approach. Although networking has been around for a long time, the value of creating an ecosystem where businesses partner on opportunities designed by them and for them is truly immense. Powerlinx is a platform where the tipping point of a potential long-term business relationship is business itself, and where instead of giving away business cards, the introduction is directly made by acting on an existing business opportunity.

It is this approach that allowed us to connect a small artisan milk producer in Brooklyn with one of the most recognized food retailers in the United States, resulting in a new distribution agreement; and it is this approach that allowed us to help a ball bearing manufacturer in New England diversify their product and reach new markets on the other side of the world.

At Powerlinx, we are at the leading edge of this change. By bringing the art of doing business to the 21st century, we have set out to transform the way businesses find and connect with each other. And at the forefront of our work is making sure that companies connect with only those best placed to deliver a real business outcome. That is what BmB essentially means: to be where Business Meets Business, to act on opportunities and to capitalize on them.