Should Businesses Be Social?

Businesses be social

We here at Powerlinx believe, emphatically, yes! Let’s face it: the world we live in has gone social.  As a present day business owner, how do you think this social trend affects you?  It doesn’t matter whether you run the neighborhood pizza shop, are the prom queen in high school with your own stylist business on the side, a senator with a penchant for photographing himself, or even an accountant, chances are something “social” has touched your life, and in return, you have posted something on the World Wide Web.


In bits and pieces, the various “social” outlets may seem like generic enhancers to our daily lives.  However, en masse, these same various outlets have the power to change the world, influence political uprisings, change the way we do business, and allow us all to remain interconnected.


The blindingly amazing ability of the social sphere has not only been its ability to find connections, but also to keep those connections.  Remember your former best friend from junior high?  Or your first boss?  … It is amazing to see how far friends and old co-workers have come!  Nerdy little Johnny from gym class now runs a Fortune 500 company and your old boss now works hand in hand with Bill and Melinda Gates!  The great potential of “social” to keep us interconnected, long after we have ceased seeing each other daily is an often understated benefit.


Most likely, everyone you know is already on Facebook or LinkedIn.  These outlets are great for people to people connections, but what about a further purpose?  Businesses should be social too!  Business-to-business connections are just as important as person-to-person connections, not just for recruiting purposes, but for pure business growth and development purposes.


So how, as a business owner, does this social trend affect your business?  It’s not just the occasional tweet or putting coupons on Facebook that will really drive traffic and customer loyalty to your business, or to help your business grow and expand.  Again, it’s that power of inter-connectivity!  In a world that is ever shrinking, businesses themselves are finding that they need to become just as interconnected as individuals.


Imagine all of the pluses you have gotten from your personal connections.  Now apply this to a business setting.  Imagine all of the productivity and growth potential when you can match businesses in the same way people are already doing for personal connections.  The possibilities are as mind boggling as they are endless!


Even if you are not actively searching for a synergistic business opportunity, this continuous inter-connectivity allows you to be found, and ideas and offers can come to you.  Whether for synergistic purposes, new customer acquisition, organic or inorganic growth, the possibilities are right there for you, as long as you are interconnected and “social.”


The amazing power of social is not to be underestimated, so ask yourself: who do you know?