How Strategic Partnerships Are Helping Businesses Grow at High Speed

strategic partnerships in business case studies

“In this new wave of technology, you can’t do it all yourself, you have to form alliances.” – Carlos Slim Helu, business magnate

82 percent of business leaders believe partnerships will be a major vehicle for business growth.

Small and large businesses alike are leveraging strategic partnerships and alliances to pool resources, innovate, increase profitability and remain lean. In an era when technology and the globalizing economy are pushing businesses to evolve at breakneck speed, partnerships are often a great way for businesses to reduce risk and increase their competitive advantage. Not only is Powerlinx a prime example of the benefits that can be reaped through strategic partnerships with other businesses, but it is also trailblazing a more intelligent and efficient way to source alliances that will lead to growth.

Growing through Strategic Partnerships

Aiming for constant growth, at Powerlinx we continuously search for ways to source new members, and partnerships have proven a highly successful method for such growth. Our recent partnership with the IAB Long Tail Alliance enhanced the experience of existing Powerlinx members with free memberships to the Alliance. And aligning our goals with that of the South African business accelerator SABLE helped us expand our member base to South Africa’s most promising young ventures, while our sponsorship of the Next B2B Forum in Frankfurt allowed us to deepen our presence among businesses in Germany.

Strategic partnerships have led other businesses to great success. Small but quickly growing retailing company Quirky, for example, partnered with manufacturing conglomerate General Electric in a five-year, $30 million deal to release app-enabled household products under the co-branded product line WINK. Due to the partnership, co-branded products like the Aros WiFi-connected AC unit are already for sale in 2,000 Home Depot stores across the U.S. and on Amazon.

The Leading Way to Find New Partnerships

Strategic alliances like these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways use collaboration to grow your business, and Powerlinx memberships provide the most efficient and affordable path to new growth. Business leaders who join Powerlinx receive a complimentary consultation with one of our trained analysts to determine their best growth strategies. Learn how your business can grow through Powerlinx, the business matching platform of choice.