Free eBook: Strategic Partnerships Shaping Business in 2015

strategic partnerships shaping business in 2015

2014 saw a shift in the way businesses around the world experience growth. Namely partnerships and alliances are leading businesses, both SMBs and enterprise alike, to expand cross-border, shorten their supply chains, strengthen their local economies and more. Industries like technology, education, healthcare and more have all benefitted and innovated through alliances between businesses – and in some cases, even between competitors.

Which collaborations stood out in 2014, and how are they setting the stage for business growth in 2015 and beyond?

The latest resource from Powerlinx, Strategic Partnerships Shaping Business in 2015 is a free eBook available to blog subscribers. This book will cover nine notable strategic partnerships that began in 2014 – including IBM & Apple’s collaboration around IBM MobileFirst for iOS as well as Wink’s efforts to simplify connecting to the connected home – that will change our lives in 2015 and beyond.

How did your business utilize partnerships in 2014? How might you employ partnerships to your advantage this year and beyond? We hope this book gives you insight into all that partnerships can help you accomplish as well as inspires you to look beyond traditional prospective partners so you can access the opportunities that lay beyond.


strategic partnerships 2015
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