Evaluating & Sourcing Suppliers Is a Growing Imperative for Business Leaders

suppliers warehouse

Supply chain security is a primary concern for senior executives. 70 percent of global business leaders report they constantly monitor and evaluate suppliers according to a recent survey by Accenture.

The survey results highlight the centrality of effective supplier partnerships to business success. As economies continue to globalize, the demand for suppliers is increasing. The traditional search for new suppliers is far from easy, but Powerlinx is changing that.

Business leaders are depending upon – and in some cases, lacking – an efficient way to source the right suppliers that will enable them to meet rapidly evolving customer demands. That said, business development initiatives can deprive executives of time they just do not have. Now more than ever business leaders need a method for connecting with new suppliers that doesn’t distract them from their existing duties.

Powerlinx sources new suppliers and more for firms so business leaders can spend less time determining how to grow their business and more time making business growth happen. Learn more about how Powerlinx members have grown their businesses at our Member Stories page.

Featured image by Mark Hunter