Consultant servicesTechnology Solutions Ltd. is a consulting and designing company that provides Engineering Services and Advances Technologies Solutions, as well as Failure analysis and Mechanical design for Electronic Companies and for the Microelectronic industry. A new activity was added lastly – Assembly Turnkey solutions, starting from component and PCB purchasing and ending with Assembly and delivery of assembled units.This activity relate to all assembly technologies using few subcontractors which are approved to class 2, 3 and Military standards, and include Wire bonding, Chip on board, Through hole, smt and special technologies like Hot bar. Based on years of experience we offer Consulting and Design services, Engineering Solutions and Technologies support for Printed Circuits Design, Production, Assembly and Failure Analysis, and for Assembly Technologies such as BGA-Ball Grid Array component- CSP- Chip Scale package, COB- Chip On Board and Flip Chip technology as well as special Packaging Technologies such as MCM- Multi Chip Module, Packaging Stacked Technology, Smart Card and other. Our Consulting and Design Services include Specs and Process Definition, Equipment, Components and Material Selection (including component selection for RoHS), Mechanical Design and drafting.



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