Neovasc Inc. engages in the development, manufacture, and commercialization of medical devices focusing on products that address clinical needs in the vascular and surgical marketplace.ProductsThe companys commercialized products include a catheter-based technology called the Metricath, which allows clinicians to measure artery and stent size and confirm stent deployment during interventional treatment of coronary and peripheral artery disease, as wells as a line of collagen based surgical patch products made for use in cardiac reconstruction and vascular repair procedures, as well as other surgeries.Peripatch ProductsThe company manufactures the PeriPatch line of surgical tissue products. These products are made from chemically treated bovine and equine pericardial tissue. The Peripatch line consists of biomaterial tissue products made from animal sources. They are chemically treated with proprietary technology to prevent their degradation and to maintain their biocompatibility. Peripatch products are used for vascular repair and reconstruction, as well as in other soft tissue repair. The products are biocompatible, allowing optimal incorporation with the bodys host tissue.The product line includes the PeriPatch Sheet, MatrixBP, and PeriPatch EQ Sheet, rectangular patches made from bovine (cow) or equine (horse) tissue, that are applied as internal bandages to repair weak or damaged organs or vessels and the PeriPatch Aegis, and PeriPatch Aegis EQ, new (products for staple line reinforcement used during endoscopic surgical procedures). The company has distribution agreements for its Peripatch products covering the United States and Canada, as well as selected countries in Europe.Metricath SystemThe Metricath product line consists of a small, polemounted console unit and two catheter models the Metricath Libra measure-only catheter, and the Metricath Gemini measure-and-treat catheter. Metricath catheters are used during angioplasty, a procedure used to open arteri



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