This company has a history of an enterprising and dedicated small group of people. It is a chronicle of how and industry started from almost a scratch became the world leader in its field within 30 years. Enzochem in its present from was established in 1959, the company which was manufacturing only one product papainb, now produces various products like protein hydrolysates from peanut. Soyabean, casein, gelatin, etc. In form of spraydrid powders, calcium caseinate and sodium caseinate, malt extract, tryptone, peptone and pectin, lime juice lime oil, becteriological media. Enzochem is credited with more than 30 awards and accounts for more than 50% of total export of papain from India the product is exported to u. S. A, u. K. Japan, Australia, singpore, Taiwan, Indonesia, malasia, Pakistan and Denmark, Italy, Germany, France, bruxell, South America. And gulf country. The qulity of the products is appreciated by all the cleints and export are growing every year, however the



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