Amilo Trading is a supplier of used and new Heavy Equipment, Trucks, Private jets and Boats, luxury cars, solar power products, that experience and our highly trained staff facilitate fast and dependable service. Our mission is to supply our customers with fines products, from the sale of equipments and parts, to coordinating crating, shipping and consulting. Strategically located in New York, our bilingual atmosphere gives our company the edge to be able to satisfy our customers need into the 21st Century. Even when the deal is complete, we remain available to assist clients with insurance, equipment upgrades, crew, hanger space, maintenance, whatever is required. Throught years of experience we have learned to establish a worldwide network of contacts and sources in the negoce industry. Coupled with "Integrity", this makes Amilo Trading the logical choice for your next acquisition. We actively engage in importing and / or exporting equipments and have the knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of import / export in virtually any country in the world. You may not find all the products you looking for, we do it for you. We also are buyers of food products like Rice, Corn Cotton Seed and Palm Oil. Amilo Trading est une societe de Negoce international basee a New York. Nous commercialisons des engins lourds, des jets prives, des bateaux, des voitures de luxe et toute une gamme de produits selectionnes, neufs et d'occasion. Notre vision demeure la satisfaction des besoins de notre clientele depuis l'achat de l'equipement j'usqu'a la livraison en passant par l'entretien et la fourniture de pieces detachees. Les annees d'experience dans le Negoce International nous ont permis de mettre en place un reseau de contacts et de ressources qui fait de Amilo Trading votre partenaire ideal. Nos clients peuvent toujours compter sur nous pour le servive apres vente. Vous pouvez ne pas trouver tous les produits que vous cherchez dans notre site web, mais rassurez vous, nous


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