Pretorius Bio-Industries Corp ("PBI-Corp") acquires assets of under-performing and distressed companies. We then combine those assets to increase their value to develop profitable strategic synergies by investing globally in companies and infrastructure assets that generate stable and sustainable cash flows with low maintenance capital requirements (http://pbicorp.pretorius-industries.com/). PBI Corp has recently launched its Trade Division (http://scf.pretorius-industries.com/index.html). Our Trade Division facilitates the rapid worldwide exchange of supply and demand of strategic food, agricultural, and energy commodities such as wheat, and corn, plus wood pellets and energy pellets from biomass. We organize resource management for or on behalf of our clients thus serving as communication link between producer and consumer on the large quantities market. Pretorius Bio-Industries trade finance and trade payment solutions are a vital component of an efficient global supply chain. Buyers, suppliers, freight forwarders and vessel owners’ benefit as we assist in risk mitigation, minimizing operational costs and maximizing working capital (visit: http://scf.pretorius-industries.com/scfbenefits.html). The sustainable assets we create include environmental commodities or products, as well as clean energy and physical commodities, such as bio-fuels and products manufactured from bio wastes. We work in cooperation with our partners and governments to deliver the most cost effective ways to facilitate import & export transactions and reduce carbon emissions.


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