GTN INNOVATIONS SDN BHD Welcome to Kristall. Our Company is one of the main producers of nano coating products in the world and we are based in Malaysia. We have set up our company in order to bring the best nano coating tech to the automotive, electronics and numerous other industries. The technologies we create help the end user better protect all the items he owns, from cars, electronics to windshields and everything in between. Here at Kristall our main purpose is to help people improve their life and ensure that their products are safe from any type of damage. This is specifically important when it comes to electronics, because if they encounter water they can be damaged beyond repair. Thanks to our unique Nano coating technology we can provide safety and reliability for all your favorite products, no matter how large/small they are. Kristall is bringing the highest product on the market, with a wide range of uses that will help you keep the functionality of your vehicle or any other product intact. Our product range includes a full car coating that allows you to protect your car paint from damage, dirt and grime. Thanks to the coating technology you won’t have to wash your car that often and the car paint won’t be so prone to accumulating grime and dirt, which means that they will last longer. The car coating brings safety, lowers maintenance costs and in addition it helps your car paint maintain in tip top shape at all times. Here at Kristall we are also offering a smartphone screen protector coating product that will help you keep the dust and dirt away from your phone. We know that keeping the phone clean is the number one priority for smartphone users and through our product you can achieve just that. In our product range we are also including a windshield protective coating whose main purpose is to keep your windshield clean. As a driver you always look through the windshield and keeping it clean is essential, so our protective coating will help you take care of it in a much better way. Kristall has been founded in 2010 and since then our products and technologies have been improved tremendously. Our company is known to always bring new, more impressive innovations. If you want to get in touch with us and find out how you can implement our technology in your products, or if you just want to purchase one of our products, do get in touch and we will respond to your inquiry right away!



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