Environmental Fuel Solutions BVI Ltd started life in 2002 as a developmental company charged with developing an advanced product for the automotive industry to fully clean gums, tars and varnishes from the internals of injectors and then to carry on working throughout the combustion and E.G.R. areas of the engine. They had to create a product to clean "Before and After“ combustion, continually lubricate the entire system, yet not increase emissions. From its introduction through to the present formulation, CETox has undergone extensive real world testing in a wide range of operational environments and has been proven time and again to create enhanced performance, lower emissions and cost effectiveness. Twelve months later, CETox™ Diesel System Cleaner was marketed. This was designed to use only detergents and surfactants as active ingredients, because solvents can cause damage within the fuel system and engine. In 2009, the CETech Marine™ and CETech Automotive™ range of products were introduced. Utilising CETox technology, Environmental Fuel Solutions Ltd is now able to provide the same advanced cleaning, lubrication, emission control and performance enhancing process across a broader range of applications.


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