3 rd generation hairdresser, was pissed off whenever items sat on my shelves in my salons and had to do an exchange with distributors, and no one wanted to accept items back without a hefty restocking fee, so instead i worked with small time product diverters who offered very low commissions. after a few years and dealing with undependable and dishonest people, i decided to deal upfront with supply houses and offer my items at a volume discount, you see most beauty distributors cannot sell professional haircare products/salon haircare unless they knew someone in the industry, since i was once a national educator for paul mitchell, i had made friends with thousands of salon owners and offered them cash money for the items that were taking up space in their retail shelving, but was overwhelmed with my access to merchandise. and this was long before the internet business, this was old fashioned one on one work hand to hand and alot of parking tickets later i made my first million when i was 27, today i have over 30 million dollars of inventory and i employ over 200 people in 3 countries and when i am on vacation i am also working and making new connections, i can almost guarantee that if you ever purchased any haircare online from 1998 till the present you may have purchased it from me


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