Girlfriend Pajamas manufactures a look for ladies pajamas that is different than any other pajama design. Our pajama not only offers a fresh new look for ladies sleep wear but is also more versatile than the traditional pajama. My idea for the look and style I wanted in a pajama came to me three years ago after buying a pair of pajamas that had spacious front pockets. Even though I liked the pockets, the pajamas were not that attractive and the fabric was flannel. From that pair of pajamas I started thinking about a pajama look I would like to have. I knew I wanted short pajamas that were not as short as the pajamas I was finding in department stores When I couldn’t find the three main things I wanted in a pajama, I went to a local fabric store and purchased a nice wrinkle free fabric. I purchased waste band elastic, a ribbon with colors that complimented the color of my fabric. I found a cord that to be used as a drawstring and a pack of little wooden ornaments to add to the end of my drawstring. I took my purchases to a seamstress and explained to her exactly what I wanted. See my want list below. 1. Short pajama 7” hem line 2. Deep pockets with a wide opening 3. The nicer draw string I purchased 4. The ribbon sewn on the pockets edge and around the waist below the elastic 5. And of course wrinkle free for a fresher look I could hardly wait to see my new pajamas. When I did, I immediately loved them. My friends and family members who saw my pajamas loved them too and wanted a pair for themselves. Of course I had to explain that they couldn’t buy pajamas like mine. Now it is 2016 and my pajama idea is called Girlfriend Pajamas. Eventually Girlfriend Pajamas will come in sizes that will fit the range from five years old to XXXL.


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