Hashlosha – the leading, most advanced group in Israel in the field of baking and food products Unique variety Hashlosha group was founded 30 years ago and it manufactures, imports and markets high quality raw materials for the food industry in general and the field of baking in particular. The group’s offices and logistics center are located in the Hevel Modiin Industrial Park near Ben Gurion Airport, and delivery of the products to customers is carried out from there by a distribution workforce consisting of sales agents and drivers. The group’s factories are located in the Ad Halom Industrial Area, Ashdod. Hashlosha’s products are under the kashrut supervision of Badatz Haeda Haharedit Jerusalem and Kashrut HaRav Landa Bnei Brak. The team of professionals at your service Hashlosha gives its customers fast professional solutions. We provide our customers with the services of the best professionals: chefs, food technologists and sales consultants to give ongoing professional guidance and advice. Our professionals will be happy to listen and reply to every request you have, big or small – with the aim of giving you a perfect baking experience... that will make your day! The subsidiary companies and the factories M.A.M. Food Industries Ltd. – M.A.M. specializes in the field of food in general and baking in particular – it manufactures purées, fillings, jellies, chocolate spreads, compound chocolate, vegetable whip, puddings, seasonings, baking powder, dulce de leche, a variety of powder mixes and other quality products. The factory also gives its customers packing services of “raw materials’ units” that are used in the customers’ manufacturing processes. Hanahtom – Hanahtom is one of the most state-of the-art, modern factories in the world in the manufacture of margarine for the food industry. The factory uses the highest quality raw materials and the most advanced technologies that exist today in the margarine manufacturing sector, including the nutritional aspects. Hanahtom specializes in tailoring products to the customer and also manufactures margarines without trans-fat and without hydrogenated fats, on request. Hanahtom also has a plant for refining and refreshing oils and fats. Hashlosha markets the baking improvers of Sharon Puratos, a company that develops and manufactures baking improvers in international partnership with Puratos, one of the biggest companies in the world for manufacture of baking and confectionery ingredients.



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