Were you aware that as many as 75% of women have occasionally or even regularly issues or better yet problems in the intimate area of their body regarding witch is very little spoken about? By now, you must be getting rather fed up and tired with offers on daily biases that provide with no significantly different products other than their packing. We provide you with something different and we have no competition on the market. Finding a product for the care, health, protection and pampering of our intimate parts is rather challenging. In fact, the industry has flooded us with cosmetic products for the whole body, yet there is nothing for the our most delicate and precious parts. We stand by our belief that our intimate parts should be treated with the highest of quality, and appearances should maintain on the same level. Therefor we have designed a very eye-appealing package. As women now days do intend to raise the awareness and devote their attention to the intimate parts of their body and with lack of products, we have made a step forward, offering, what we do believe first 100% natural and even edible product for intimate parts of our body. After two years of testing the market, feedbacks we receive do not stop to amaze us. Responses we receive via the social networks, forums or the ones that get mailed to us are truly exceptional. Using our products to feel more confident, feminine in our own body and in the relationship with our partner... women have noticed that some of the problems that were constant on their intimate parts become history. Issues like dryness, inflammation, white stream, itch, and above all that unpleasant smell, which are accompanied by a across throughout the day became a distant matter. Our product will with the lack of above mentioned issues and with a pleasant natural aroma make you more confident and feminine. The formula is made in Russia by renowned doctors and scientists. We are supported by gynaecologists and pharmaceutical team as well. We have a 400% growth each year, and we are rapidly spreading to foreign markets (currently 10 countries). Due to the large demand and the satisfied customers we are developing two other products for intimate care products. We are gladly to announce, we will be able to provide you with the fragrance and soap for the intimate parts of the body. Considering their enormous interest, our stronger half’s-men shall not be excluded. As we know more and more heterosexual and homosexuals pay attention to the care of their body, therefore at the Luxury intimate we are preparing enlargement of products for both men and women.


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