TechExcel, Inc. provides integrated IT service management (ITSM), customer support, and application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions. It offers DevOps solution, an integrated development and operations solution; DevSuite, an ALM platform for managing hybrid agile projects; DevTrack that tracks and manages various aspects of a development project; DevTest, a quality management solution; and DevSpec that enables organization-wide collaboration for the management of requirements, specifications, product ideas, and functional or technical design documents. It offers product portfolio management that provides a real-time view of internal and external processes and resources; KnowledgeWise, a...


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April 17, 2020
Kloud: Work from Home Solution Seeking Distributors


United Kingdom


Kloud and P1 platforms seek to bring the structure of the workplace into the work-from-home environment. Both can increase net productivity for workplace managers and corporations both in and out of the office environment. We are looking for organisations with an experienced sales team in the software industry in the UK and EU that are capable of distributing our products.

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MSP, Software or IT