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26 Firemens Memorial Dr, Ramapo
United States
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BH Sensors engineers, develops, and licenses novel, unique, and cost effective sensing and sensing system solutions for our customers needs, based on our patented and patent pending sensing technology. Our technology is an innovative and revolutionary approach to measuring displacement through non contact measurement. This enables our customers to bring to market both new sensing applications—impossible with existing state of the art devices—as well as drop-in devices that have drastically reduced manufacturing costs—all the while maintaining performance, accuracy, and functionality. Some of the applications our customers use our technology for include Load Cells, Accelerometers, Pressure transducers, weighing Scales, Proximity sensors, Inclinometers, and Torque sensors, as well as integrated systems that contain these sensors and transducers.

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Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Components, Sensors, Licensing
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1-10 Employees
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United States
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