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Westbourne Studios
United Kingdom
Online presence



blur Group lets businesses buy and sell services through an entirely-online, professionally managed s-commerce platform, saving money, time and hassle.blur Group operates the Global Services Exchange, a services-commerce platform that brings the world of e-commerce to the business services buyer.This Exchange allows business decision makers to buy the best, most cost-effective creative and business services: design, digital, advertising, branding, social, technology, accounting and legal, simply by starting a project using an online brief app.The platform uses advanced cloud technologies to source, match and price the best experts from our managed expert Crowd of over 30,000 experts, firms and agencies. Whatever your campaign you’ll get a choice of pitches at the same quality, but at up to half the price, of your traditional supplier.An online trading platform gives everyone involved live dashboards of the brief and its progress to completion.Every day brands as large as Zurich Insurance, The AA, Berlitz, Coral and smaller businesses from all over the world, submit new briefs to our exchange. With over 25,000 expert service providers from 141 countries, growing...

Relevant keywords
accounting, advertising, artwork copywriting services, content, design, innovation, legal, marketing, other business services, social media marketing, technology
Number of employees
51-200 Employees
Sales volume
1M - 2.5M USD
Alternative company name
Blur Group
Primary country
United Kingdom

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