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1120 Avenue of the Americas
New York
United States
Countries and regions served
Eastern Asia
Eastern Europe
Middle East
North America
South America
South-Eastern Asia
United States
Western Europe
Online presence



Quantum-Wireless.com is a leader in wireless solutions globally. The company provides 3G and 4G advanced wireless solutions from leading manufacturers such as DeLorme, DICE Electronics, Digital Antenna, Cradlepoint, Option Wireless, Novatel Wireless MiFi, LandAirSea, Telular, WineGard, Wilson, Wi-Ex zBoost. The company is a pioneer in innovative next-generation technology geared to the wireless community. We are a company driven by extreme customer service, superior products, and an unprecedented management team. As the industry moves towards a digital wireless environment, Quantum-Wireless.com is positioned to provide the most advanced solutions for Wi-Fi and WiMAX customer premise equipment. From home wireless solutions to corporate infrastructure installation, our company delivers the most reliable wireless solution in the marketplace. Our high quality Cellphone Signal Boosters and Cell Phone Repeatershave brought many businesses and families cellphone reception where they have never had before. The leading products in this line include the YX545 Dual Band Cell Phone Booster, the YX645 Dual Band Cell Phone Booster with Upgradeable antennas for increased service. Our Top Cell Phone Amplifiers and Cell Phone Boosters include: the Wilson Dual Band Signal Booster line, Digital Antenna 4KSBR-50U, Digital Antenna 4KMR-30M, Wilson 801247 DT, Wilson 841262 DB Pro, zBoost YX545 SOHO, zBoost YX645 Kit, and CellPhone-Mate CM2000-WL-62. Our Top 3G/4G Routers include: CradlePointMBR1000 Broadband Router, MBR1200 Failsafe N Router, MBR900 Mobile N Router, CTR350 WiFi Travel Router, PHS300, CTR500, Option Globesurfer iii, Globesurfer X.1, and iCON 452. Our Top GPS Tracking Systems include: LandAirSea Tracking Key, LandAirSea TracKing Key Pro, LandAirSea Victoria GPS, Spark Nano GPS, SPOT-2 GPS Messenger and DeLorme PN-60W Navigator. Quantum-Wireless strives for first class customer service, lowest market prices, and exceptional product quality that lives up to their high standards. We take great pride in knowing that our customers are satisfied with their purchases and we will guide them every step of the way until they find which product is right for them and learn how to properly install it.

Relevant keywords
cell phone signal boosters, computer hardware, computer storage, consumer electronics, live streaming devices, manufacturers, repeater, routers, security, software, surveillance, systems wholesale, telecom products, telecommunication equipment, telecommunications, telephony, wifi products, wimax, wimax products, wireless, wireless networking, wireless products telecommunications, worldwide interoperability for microwave access
Number of employees
11-50 Employees
Sales volume
5M - 10M USD
Alternative company name
quantum networks
Primary country
United States
Ownership status
Private Corporation
Business type
Distributor, Manufacturer, Services Provider

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