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39 S Main Street Suite 606
United States
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We make energy products from difficult to recycle polymer and rubber waste that is destined for landfills or incineration. Renewable Energy Solutions by Polyflow is an Akron, Ohio based company that designs, markets and manufactures proprietary equipment that converts mixed polymer waste into fuels and petrochemicals without excessive handling, sorting or cleaning. A continuous feed process converts these items into transportation fuels, octane enhancers and aromatics using a patented polymer waste to energy recovery process. Currently, 90% or more of the plastic and rubber waste generated in the United States is landfilled annually. The robust process behind the RES Polyflow technology allows true recycling of all forms of polymer based materials to take place in a manner that is economically feasible and environmentally responsible.

Relevant keywords
energy, energy recovery systems, environment, environmental services, landfill avoidance, mixed polymer, recycling, renewable energy solutions, renewable fuel production, renewables, rubber waste, utilities, waste treatment
Number of employees
1-10 Employees
Sales volume
5M - 10M USD
Alternative company name
Res Polyflow
Primary country
United States
Ownership status
Private Corporation

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