USA – BtoB

When you join Powerlinx, you gain access to the world’s most advanced B2B matching platform for SMB’s and SME’s.  Expand your business into new regions, find ideal supplier partners, and discover wholesalers to grow your customer base.  Powerlinx is dedicated to taking the time and resources out of finding strategic partners, so you can focus on growth.  We are the premiere B2B network with an extensive directory of over 40 million companies worldwide. Find strategic partners through our online portal.  Discover potential opportunities and revolutionize your business growth. We pride ourselves on our dedication to enhancing the success of SMB's and SME's in the B2B Industry. Even if you're a B2C company we can help optimize your B2B supply chain by introducing you to not just any partner, but the best fit partner. Let's reimagine how we do business together