A challenging time for the Logistics industry

Moving forward, digitization is prime to transform nearly every aspect of the logistics industry. With the future potential of Industry 4.0 becoming our present-day reality, the industry is in the midst of rapid change. Over the last two years, the logistics industry faced unique challenges, from lockdowns to lack of global supply chain coordination, and even a war. And the time has come for innovative solutions to tackle these problems.

Cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, and the Internet of Things are all changing how businesses operate. Industry experts and CEOs see digitization as the best way to achieve cost reduction and revenue growth, and companies like Flexportare already tackling this challenge from a freight forwarder perspective. With the industry becoming more efficient and advanced, companies that fail to adapt will find themselves lagging behind their competitors.

The process of finding strategic partners is no exception to this dramatic trend. Creating and maintaining an advanced, nimble supply chain is vital to a business’ long term health. Examples of new strategic partnerships abound today, such as the deal struck by Uber Freight and Waymo Via recently. Even the reasons for forming new partnerships is changing. Instead of mitigating risk or entering new markets, CEOs are looking for new technologies and innovation capabilities. As customers increasingly demand environmentally sustainable products, it will become increasingly important to find environmentally aware suppliers and partners to best satisfy consumer demand. New shipping methods and techniques are helping make the Logistics Industry more energy efficient and cost efficient than ever before. As political instability rages across the world, it is vital to select knowledgeable, and established strategic partners to best navigate these uncertain times.

With an increasingly fragile global market, seeking to connect with other businesses in a reliable, trustworthy and direct way can be challenging, and companies need to count with the most comprehensive array of business tools to cope with these new reality. At Powerlinx, we aim to become a valuable resource and an extension of a company’s business development team. As a B2B business matchmaking app, you’ll be able to cut through the noise and find only relevant opportunities you can act on in just two clicks.