BH Sensors is a 5-person design and development team using Powerlinx to source new engineering partnerships as an alternative to conducting high volume manufacturing in-house. Principal and Chief Technology Officer Aron Kain turns to Powerlinx to source new strategic partners.

Dr. Aron Kain had spent years working in various industries, from aerospace to software technology, when he decided to pursue the ultimate dream: to be his own boss. He started a consulting firm, BH Technology, and worked with both industrial and consumer-facing businesses on a number of projects such as due diligence for companies in the financial sector and ROI technology for investment firms. With a handful of patents in his pocket waiting to be put to work, though, Aron burned to build a new technology. It was through this urge that BH Sensors was born in 2005.

BH Sensors helps manufacturers utilize sensors for cost effectiveness and performance by incorporating its patented technology in the manufacturers’ products. Nine years since starting business, Aron’s 5-person team has developed sensors of all kinds, working on projects from aircraft carriers for the U.S. Department of Defense to trucks that measure the weight of their cargo to medical devices that measure pressure inside the heart. BH Sensors designs prototypes for better sensors and then licenses its designs for production.

bh sensorsAron likes his business at its current size and has no desire to start conducting high volume manufacturing in-house. As the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry notes, partnering with external services companies rather than conducting manufacturing in-house leads to greater flexibility in the supply chain. This is why, when Aron joined Powerlinx, he focused his Linx around forming strategic alliances with small engineering services companies in addition to sourcing new clients. The ideal strategic partner’s infrastructure would complement that of BH Sensors and would increase BH’s bandwidth to allow the company to take on even more projects. As a result of Aron’s focused effort with Powerlinx to source these types of partners, Aron has now had the opportunity to review a number of relevant matches and has hand-selected those he wishes to move to introductions with in the near term.

What Aron enjoys most about Powerlinx is its open nature. While using Google or to find companies seeking new business is tedious, time consuming and inefficient, Aron says, using Powerlinx’s matching engine is likely to produce valuable results. “Very few companies are going to go out there and advertise that they don’t have enough business and are looking to partner with others to increase their production bandwidth” says Aron. “But you may very well find that on Powerlinx.” Powerlinx drives more opportunities for businesses to grow by providing a space where business leaders can safely and anonymously disclose what they need.

Aron thinks of the platform as a place where new prospects are fine-tuned to the specific and time sensitive needs of each Powerlinx member. This method is especially suited to businesses like BH Sensors, which take on extremely unique projects in diverse industries, Aron says:

“Powerlinx is a platform on which very specific companies with very specific needs are put together to form an exchange.”

BH Sensors is currently looking to partner with engineering services companies. If you feel your business would be a good fit for BH, or if you’d like Powerlinx to pursue a strategic objective of your own, visit

Featured image by Zach Dischner