3 ways that supply chain partnerships drive results

Win-Win Supply Chain Partnerships

When two companies collaborate with their mutual interests in mind, great things can happen. Supply chain partnerships are the focus of our latest infographic, where we examine a few case studies that a win-win collaboration between two companies has yielded to a high, beneficial impact.

In recent years, supply chain management (SCM) has seen rising global competition, aggressive advancements in technology and better integration through smarter processes. Independent studies have shown that collaborating with your suppliers is critical to managing your supply chain efficiently and, ultimately, growing your business. The top 3 benefits are as follows.

Improved supply chain performance

The partnership between Office Max and Avery Dennison has been a model relationship of a supply chain partnership. According to the 2014 University of Tennessee-Knoxville SCM Report: Game-Changing Trends in Supply Chain, performance dramatically increased when the two industry giants teamed together.

Higher customer satisfaction

A 2014 report titled Vested for Success: How P&G and JLL Transformed Corporate Real Estate reviewed the partnership between Proctor and Gamble and Jones Lang LaSalle on key corporate real estate initiatives throughout the course of over ten years. In short, P&G customers lauded the collaboration between the two, with JLL exceeding satisfaction targets for six consecutive years.

Maximum shareholder value

Whole Foods, the US grocery chain specializing in natural foods, has focused on strong relationships with its suppliers from the start, and this core value has been a larger driver in its overall success for the company.