Kelly Green Seeds Inc. is located in Farwell, Texas, an agricultural community in the West Texas Panhandle. Our company was established here in this productive farming area in 1963. Kelly Green is a privately-owned seed company, currently being led by the second owner in company history, Jerry Monk, who has been in the seed business for 29 years. All seed production, conditioning and sales are handled with the personal supervision of Jerry himself. We have a long history in the production of forage seeds, hybrid grain sorghums, soybeans and small grains. All of our seed is produced under contract with local farmers who have grown for us on a consistent basis over the years. In all of the seed production we maintain strict controls to assure genetic purity, and our quality control in conditioning these seeds assures that the physical purity and germination of all our seeds will be second to none on the seeds industry. Many of our products are sold in our branded bag, but we also forward contract production for other companies and condition and package seeds in their own company branded bags. We are actively involved in the exporting of seed to Mexico, Eastern Europe and Asia, but are constantly searching out export markets for our seeds. All of our seeds are tops in yield year after year, with the modern genetics to excel under diverse growing conditions. Our seeds will satisfy the needs of the most demanding farmers in all the major agriculture areas of the world.


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