Powerlinx: The Business Opportunity App in Times of Covid-19

The year 2020 posed a tremendous challenge for humanity. More specifically, it took a major toll in every business around the world no matter the size, as the impact of the Covid-19 crisis thoroughly affected both supply-side and demand-side of the world economy. According to a McKinsey report, roughly 70% of interviewed European SMEs stated that their revenues had declined as a result of the pandemic.

In this unprecedented context of a rampant need for virtual presence coupled with intense globalization and intertwinement, hyper connectivity took the center stage. Surprisingly, on a global scale, it managed to stand up to the challenge of empty offices, remote working modality and a plethora of lockdown and social distancing measures which can now be seen as the so-called “new normal”. Nevertheless, it is still true today, as it will henceforth: A hyper connected world facilitates engagement in business no matter the traveling distance, the different languages nor the size of firms and deals.