HoneyCombs Herbs & Vitamins is a supplement company that has been proudly serving clients throughout the United States and internationally for 40 years. Our high-quality supplements are not medicine – rather they deliver much-needed nourishment to the body that it requires to maintain health naturally. Poorly made supplements are notorious for having low effectiveness and value because of their low bioavailability - the nutrients are not fully biologically available to be assimilated. Worse still, they include synthetic or toxic ingredients that rob people of health. Healthful life cannot be sustained by such poor products. Our unwavering standards of excellence allow us to truly share the gift of health with our clients. Compelling differences abound: • 100% alcohol-free liquid extracts, protecting the life-supportive nutrients and beneficial plant compounds that can be destroyed by alcohol. We use natural vegetable glycerin as it fully safeguards these valuable elements within its molecular structure, greatly preserving integrity and shelf-life • Cold-process extraction, to further protect what can be destroyed by the highly industrialized extraction methods that use extreme heat or pressure • High quality formulations with organic ingredients, designed by nature to be readily absorbed by our organic bodies We offer these benefits and more at an incredible value, because we believe vibrant health is a birthright to be enjoyed by all – not just the highly affluent!


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