Hisunit Inc. was established in 1997 by pharmacist Yael ben Amra, Michael ben Amra and Yossi ben Yakar. The company concentrates on a number of varied areas in the medicinal field - medical services as well as development and marketing of food supplements and natural products. The company's head pharmacist has more than 20 years of experience of researching medicinal herbs and running a pharmacy in Tel Aviv. Her knowledge and experience helped us to develop a line of products of natural food supplements that are made from quality materials and are used for therapy. In 1999 Hisunit produced its central product - Grapewater for the treatment of gas and colic in babies. Today, 10 years after the product has been sold in more than 1000 locations throughout Israel, Grapewater has outsold similar products and it now holds a 60% share of the treatment of gas and colic in babies product market. Hisunit has a strict policy so as to ensure high quality production standards along with the approval of the Ministry of Health. All of its products do not have side effects and are not addictive. Today, the company manufactures 3 main products: Grapewater "Babies" - a 100% natural product that takes care immediately of gas and colic in babies. Grapewater "Family" - taking care of severe stomach pains and heartburn. DENTIGEL - a natural gel to relieve teething pains in babies. Safety of use All of our products are manufactured in compliance with the highest standards GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice ISO 9000 And the Ministry of Health license. Products enter the market once they have been tested thoroughly in a laboratory, as well as the quality of the materials, the level of efficiency and the level of safety in use and after being tested for years among our customers. Hisunit products are continuously tested in a bactochem laboratories in order to ensure the quality of its products and their content. Customer Service As an important part of the quality of its customer service Hisunit operates a consultation and guidance department that deals with every question or problem in the following phone number: 050-6532232. In addition, you can always take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section.



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