Epolac was founded in 1974 by Zalmar Joseph, an engineer, and boasts over 40 years of experience in the paint and coating manufacturing industry. The excellent performance of coatings produced by Epolac make them an ideal choice for protection of factories, manufacturing plants and installations and platforms located in chemical, marine or external environments. Epolac manufactures a wide variety of paints bearing diverse chemical and physical properties which enable their use in a wide variety of applications. mongst the companies many customers: The Ministry of Defense, ORL Oil Refineries Ltd, Carmel Olefins Ltd, Gadot, Gadiv, Haifa Chemicals Ltd, Dor Chemicals Ltd, Rotem Amfert Negev Ltd, Israeli Shipping and Ports Authority, Israel Railways, Israel Military Industries, Israel Electric Corporation, Tnuva, Osem, Manufacturing companies, food production companies, pharmaceutical companies, construction companies and many more. All Epolac products are manufactured under strict quality control and comply with the highest international standards. Epolac is fully licensed by the Standards Institution of Israel and ISO 9001 standards



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