Armco Metals Holdings, Inc. engages in the business of metal ore trading and distribution, and scrap metal recycling. The companys operations are conducted primarily in China.Metal Ore Trading and Distribution BusinessIn the companys metal ore trading and distribution business, the company imports, sells, and distributes to the metal refinery industry in China, various metal ore that includes iron, chrome, nickel, copper, titanium, and manganese ore, as well as non-ferrous metals and coal. The company also provides sourcing and pricing services for various metals to its network of customers.Customers The company sells processed and non-ferrous ore to end-users, such as specialty steelmakers, foundries, aluminum sheet and ingot manufacturers, copper refineries and smelters, brass and bronze ingot manufacturers, wire and cable producers, utilities, and telephone networks. The companys major customers for metal ore whose sales accounted for approximately 10% of its total revenues included Shanxi Gangxu Trade Co., Ltd. Broad Max Holding Ltd. and Sichuan Ming Da (Group) Enterprises Co., Ltd. in 2013.Suppliers In 2013, the companys major suppliers in its metal ore business were Fremery holdings Ltd and Beijing CNR CR transportation Equipment Co., Ltd.Metal Recycling OperationsIn the companys scrap metal recycling business, the company recycles scrap metal at its recycling facility and sells the recycled product to steel mills in China for use in the production of recycled steel. The companys recycling facility is located in Banqiao Industrial Zone, part of Lianyungang Economic Development Zone, in the Jiangsu province of China.The companys recycling facility is designed to recycle machinery, building materials, automobile parts, and various other scrap metals, as well as to dismantle ships. The recycling facility is designed to have a production capacity to recycle approximately 1 million metric tons (MT) of metal annually, which includes 800,000 MT from a shredder an


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