Brekford Corp. operates as a technology services provider of mobile computer and video systems through its vehicle upfitting services to homeland security agencies and federal, state, and municipal law enforcement agencies.The company offers traffic safety solutions to municipalities, including automated speed, red light, and parking enforcement, as well as collections for overdue receivables. It provides services to branches of the U.S. military, various federal entities, and various security and public safety agencies throughout the United States. The company provides these departments and agencies with a suite of rugged mobile information technology (IT), vehicle upfitting services, and automated traffic safety technology solutions.The companys wholly-owned subsidiary, Municipal Recovery Agency, LLC, provides collection systems and services for unpaid citations and parking fines. The company provides bumper-to-bumper vehicle modification automated traffic enforcement products road safety camera programs, including red light and speed photo enforcement systems and back office processing services.Products and ServicesAutomated Traffic Safety Enforcement (ATSE) - Photo Speed and Red Light EnforcementATSE systems are one of a range of measures that are effective at reducing vehicle speeds and crashes. The automated speed enforcement (ASE) system is an enforcement technique with various motor vehicle sensors producing recorded images of motor vehicles traveling at speeds above a defined threshold. Images captured by the ASE system are processed and reviewed in an office environment and violation notices are mailed to the registered owner of the identified vehicle. ASE is a technology available to law enforcement as a supplement and not a replacement for traditional enforcement operations.The company offers client-specific solutions to the agencies and municipalities to assist them with collecting unpaid fines, including notification continuance mail house and prin


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