Renderyard is a new online video platform for filmmakers and independent music artists who want to share their talent with the world. You can share your films or independent music using the Renderyard platform for free. Competitions on Renderyard are a great way to get some exposure and recognition for your work. Once you have made a name for yourself using Renderyard, you can always upgrade to a premium account and access an expanded feature set. Renderyard Film Network is an international digital multimedia platform operating as an independent film festival and a free film and music distributor to provide award-winning filmmakers, musicians and visual artists with a platform onto which filmmakers can upload and screen their work as well as promote and sell it. The Renderyard online multimedia platform contains a wide selection of films that include documentaries, animations, series, independent films and new music from all around the world. As a film resource, Renderyard provides a strong networking facility for emerging new talent and dedicates an important area to work in partnership and build creative collaborations with leading video search engines, video platforms and musicians in Europe, Spain, UK, America and abroad.



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