Rediff.com India Limited focuses on providing online business and consumer offerings in India and to the global Indian community.The companys Websites in India and North America consist of communication services, such as consumer and enterprise email, Web hosting and search, real-time news and information channels, which consist of its own editorial content, as well as fresh and recent news sourced from approximately 30,000 news sites from India and worldwide. Through Rediff.com, it provides new and community features, including a social networking platform, photovideo and music sharing capabilities, and an e-commerce marketplace.The companys Web hosting and business email service is available to all India Internet users under the Rediffmail and Rediffmail Pro brands, and provides a way to set up and own domain name email services, and manages them through both the desktop and all mobile devices and platforms.The companys e-commerce marketplace provides consumers throughout India with national and localized products and services across various vertical markets, including apparel and accessories, electronics, home decor and furnishings, mobile phones and accessories, automobiles, toys, games, books and a host of other sough after categories.Through Vubites India Private Limited (Vubites), the company also provides local TV advertising tools, applications and services to small, medium and large corporate enterprises, which expands its reach throughout India and offers a medium for businesses to reach target consumers. Its new data analytics platform, under the Rediff Labs component of its Website, complements its news media offerings and provides users, whether on their PC or mobile devices with new search and analytics tools that combine domain knowledge and big data simultaneously to analyze and predict various business issues and outcomes, whether it be for cricket, elections, advertising sales and trends, e-commerce and news analysis.In addition to its online ser



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